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Frequently asked questions

Q1.What makes a good Respray?
Q2.How can I tell a good respray from a bad one?
Q3.Can I Mix different manufacturers products?
Q4.Does a car have to be painted in an oven?
Q5.How long should a good respray last?

Q1.What makes a good Respray?
A.Preparation. The hard, time consuming work is in the preparation also the use of top quality products, such as House Of Kolor, and where budget has allowed Avon Custom always use the full House of Kolor system, from Primers with pleanty of flexibility to help combat chipping, to their UV protecting laqure.

Q2.How can I tell a good respray from a bad one?
A.OVD Optimum Viewing distance, this is the distance you can stand from the paint job and it still looks good from any angle.
Even a poor paint job can look good 20 foot away, we aim at just a few Inches ie. the paint job must still look flawless at this distance. look for flatness of finish, even colour depth of the paint. Your reflection must appear crisp like looking into a mirror, not distorted. Also see if you can see any masking lines around windows, Avon Custom always recommend removing the windows for a respray, as masking up windows can result not only in missed areas or overspray on rubber and plastic trim, but over time the trim can move or shrink revealing paint lines or worse, the origional color showing through.

Q3.Can I Mix different manufacturers products?
A.Many painters will mix and match products. In the main this is accepted, unfortunately some painters do this to cut costs rather than for better results.
If something goes wrong no paint manufacturer will take responsibility as the painter has not used their complete system, most manufacturers such as House Of Kolor require you to use the whole system from start to finish. In the case of HOK the product is quite unique and each component is designed to work with the next to give you the best possible results. introducing an inferior product into a HOK paint job would be very detrimental.

Q4.Does a car have to be painted in an oven?
A.No it does not. Legislation dictates a filtered booth of some sort is required though.
Many people are under the impression that the paint on their car will be better if it's painted in an oven. This however is not the case, most paint now is 2K ie. a two part product, the paint and the activator. This means it is chemically cured and can be forced by way of heat. Even at 20degC the paint will cure it just takes a little longer so the biggest gain with an oven is for the bodyshop, not the customer. Some have even said you can't paint Kandys if you do not have an oven. Avon Custom's painter Kevin has been painting for over 30 years and has won awards for the quality of his work, but has only just installed one as required in his new premises.

Q5.how long should a good respray last?
A.A good paint job should last for many years, when doing a custom paint job Avon Custom use House of Kolor. "I was told by Mr Kosmoski (the founder of HOK) that a HOK paint job if done properly should drop no more than 10% of gloss in 20 years.


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