Photo Gallery

Here are photos of some of Avon Classic Cars previous work, click an image for a range of photos on each vehicle. This page is constantly being updated, so please check back reguarly.

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Here is a classic Jaguar E-Type that had suffered some serious front end damage, Avon Custom carefully repaired the damage as well as other issues including the rust, bringing the car back to its former glory.
This classic fibreglass Scimitar was resprayed by Avon Custom, as well as having an engine transplant for added power.
This old Volkswagen Camper was carefully restored to it's former glory by the team at Avon Custom.
These are photos of a fibreglass Reliant Scimitar that Avon Classic Cars have restored.
Avon Classic Cars carefully brought this classic Rolls Royce back to a very high standard.
This Datsun 240z was showing its age with the usual rot, dents and other paint and body work issues, so Avon Classics repaired these problems and repainted the whole car.
Avon Classic Cars are Scimitar specialists, here is another of the many scimitars they have transformed.

More photos of Avon Classics quality work to come soon...